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3 Volleyball Digging Drills For Fast Improvements

Commence the drill by tossing easy passes to one another. The purpose of the drill is to improve your technique of passing by giving you a feel for the strength, energy, and motions needed for an effective pass. After a specific number of repetitions, you should switch positions. The exercise can also be made to go at a faster pace by keeping the ball in continuous motion with light touches that send it from one person to the next. Team-on-3-Digging Drill. This digging drill is used to help ...

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Four VolleyballDigging DrillsThe Pressure Repetitive Hitting Drill. One digger is placed in the middle of the court with myself and one or two of my assistant coaches on the same side of the net as the diggers. Coaches are in Zone 4 and Zone 2 and sometimes in Zone 3. Hitters and diggers half court distance apart.

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Volleyball Digging Drills – Learning Digging

Tasks in Our Volleyball Digging Drills The Coach (or player) on position C1 or C2 stands on the box and swings the ball over the net to the defender on the line and angle, one after another. If the coach or players are skilled enough, it is the most beneficial to do this drill without the stand - and use hitters who swing from the setter's set.

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Team-on-3-Digging Drill is the type of volleyball digging drill that teaches volleyball players how to react to serves in the best possible way. It’s important to know that at least four volleyball players (3 diggers and 1 server) participate in this drill. Three volleyball players (3 diggers) have to go to defensive side of the court.

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The Triangle volleyball drill is one of the best and easiest beginner volleyball drills. This drill helps beginners learn how to move to the volleyball with a side to side shuffle. In addition, it teaches players how to get to the volleyball and plant their feet so players can hit the ball back to their target.

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This drill can be done with any number of players. The goal is to dig a ball into a target area and catch it. The best dig is one that the player catches in the small box. The second best dig is caught in the bigger box. Third best is catching it anywhere on the court. And the least desirable dig is not catching it at all.

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There are several things that must be taken into account when running through digging drills from a player’s perspective: Get into a low position with your legs spread wide; Distribute weight evenly; Beware of court boundaries; Keep the ball in front of the body, pushing under it; Beginners Knock-Out Digging Drill

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Check out our collection of volleyball drills for beginners – including basic techniques for passing, setting, attacking, serving, blocking and digging. Over The Net Purpose To help players learn to serve consistently and accurately.