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What is a Carry in Volleyball? (Full Rule Explanation ...

This is a violation. The call looks just like a carry with the referee moving her hand with palm up directly in front of her. A carry call features the referee moving the open palm from waist height to chest height, while the not tossing the ball foul is simply an outstretched arm with the palm facing up.

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In volleyball, multiple faults or rules violations may share the same hand signals from the refs. In the case of a carry, the referee will usually signal it the same as a lift, but the official name of the fault is a “catch.”

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It's a violation for a team to hit the ball 4 times before returning it. Assisted Hit. It's illegal for a player or any object to assist a teammate in playing the ball. Catch. It's illegal to catch or throw the ball. The ball must rebound from the hit. Ball Crossing the Net Outside the Crossing Space.

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Published: 05 December, 2018. A volleyball carry is sometimes referred to as a catch, lift or throw. The rules for a carry are spelled out in the official rules of the game and it is the responsibility of the referee to determine if a player has violated a ball-handling rule.

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So, the word carry,lift or hand in vollyball are the same it simply means… you gonna loose a point. It is under the violation of ball handling rule . If you touch the ball too long or lift it with your palm or catch it .. this all are illegal in volleyball. Well! you can use your palm in upper hand service or in smash.

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This video gives an in depth insight into the rules governing caught/carried balls in volleyball while attacking/tipping. It looks into the FIVB rules and Gu...


COMMON VOLLEYBALL VIOLATIONSHey guys, I decided to make a video on the most common volleyball violations that occur in volleyball the most often. These viola...


OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS PlayPics courtesy of (www.referee.com) 1. Illegal Alignment/ Improper Server 2. Line Violation 3. Illegal Hit 4. Delay of Service 5. Over-the-net 6. Net Fault or Net Serve 7. Illegal Attack 8. Illegal Block/Screening 9. Ball Touched 10. Four Hits 11. Double Hit 12. Ball Lands Inbounds